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Where do salmon come from?

Atlantic salmon: Responsible fish farming in the icy waters of the Norwegian fjords.
Although salmon was a less popular type of fish in the past, it has now become one of the most widely consumed. Its stable availability, consistent quality, responsible farming and superior taste make it a culinary delight!

If you walk into a sushi restaurant anywhere in the world, you are guaranteed to find salmon on the menu. If you sit down to breakfast in a hotel, smoked salmon will be on the menu. If you nip to the supermarket to buy a couple of things, salmon will be waiting on the shelves for you. The wide variety of options for salmon make it a perfectly suited fish for restaurants: you can fry it, grill it, smoke it or simply eat it raw!

Two genetically different families of salmon exist: Atlantic salmon and Pacific salmon. These families can only be found in the cold oceans of the Northern hemisphere. The most numerous of the two types is the Atlantic salmon, which is world-famous for its excellent quality.

The Norwegian coastline, which stretches far into the Arctic, provides ideal conditions for fish that thrive in cold water. Here, the salmon are able to live in their natural environment, which is fully in line with our core values of sustainability and responsibility for both humans and nature.


Given the rapidly rising demand, we are continually optimising our production facilities For example, we are currently constructing a brand new factory that will enable us to meet all of our short-term salmon production targets in full compliance with the strictest food safety requirements and standards. Our passionate staff give 100% every single day to ensure they get the very best out of this wonderful product.

Our new machinery allows us to supply salmon however our clients want it: whole, filleted, portioned, skinned, vacuum packed, fresh or frozen. Whatever you want, we've got you covered!

As quality is paramount, we decided to invest in the very latest salmon filleting equipment on the market: the BAADER 581-PRO. The cutting-edge technology incorporated into this machine guarantees the highest possible quality for our customers.

Preparation and gastronomy

Norwegian salmon is extremely rich in protein, vitamins A, B12, and D, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is an extremely versatile fish and can be eaten in both hot and cold dishes. You can bake it, boil it, fry it, smoke it, marinate then grill it or simply eat it raw. It goes perfectly with flavours and spices from all over the globe as well as being a star ingredient for the world's best sushi chefs.