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Dayseaday Group

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For many years Dayseaday has been a leading partner in fresh and frozen fish products. North Sea fish, like Dover Sole and plaice are still very important for Dayseaday. The company, however, is especially grown over the import of seafish and farmed fish from Asia, South America and South Africa.                       
Dayseaday is located in Urk in the Netherlands, the fish centre of Europe.

Since the start of the company, at the end of 1986, the company has known a rapid growth. In 1986 the company had 5 employees, against 120 currently in 2017.

The main cause was the autonomous growth but also a number of acquisitions at home and abroad.
Now the Dayseaday Group  has an annual turnover of more than 120 million euro. The company offers up to date, modern facilities for processing and storage of a great variety of fish products.

The Day Seaday Group does business activities in about 50 countries worldwide and is continuously looking for fish products in the world that could be sold in particular within the EU. A good name, fast service, competitive prices,  a motivated and competent team of employees and more than 30 years of experience, provide the quality you wish as a customer!

Discover on this webpage what the Dayseaday Group could offer you! 

Members of the Dayseaday Group: 
Dayseaday Fresh B.V. 
Dayseaday Frozen B.V. 
Oceanis Seafood Europe SRL
Muijs Seafood Spakenburg 
Bonesca Import & Export B.V. (Partial interest) 

CEO Dayseaday Group:
Mr. Jelle van Veen
Mr. Henk van Veen

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